Good Tools Equals Good Job!

Do you expect a Skoda to perform as well as a Lamborgini?of course not,there is a big difference in quality and it comes at a price.Keep that thought in mind when you buy your painting and decorating tools.If you get a high quality paint brush at a good price,that is a bargain,if you buy a cheap paint brush,it’ll cost you 10-100x times more in the long run.Don’t think so.READ ON…..

A cheap paint brush uses cheap bristles or filaments,they are not chiseled to come to a point but are cut flat,because it is cheaper and easier to manufacture the brush this way.Cheap brushes contain a fraction of the bristles a professional paint brush contains,so holding less paint,which in turn means more dips into the paint pot(time wasted,time is money remember!).Oh and did I mention a cheap paint paint brush will drop bristles in your paint like a dog molting it’s hair.Guess what you have to then pick those bristles out and repaint(time wasted,again).By the time it comes to washing the brush out,there is usually very little bristle left in the brush as it is all over your painted surface!

Now take a high quality paint brush like a Picasso,nice bright orange filaments,gorgeous chiseled cutting in edge,holds a ton of paint,will cut in so sharp you’d actually think it was a pencil line.Doesn’t shed anything and it cleans out real quick.Which brush sounds like it will be easy to use and save you time?I know it’s a hard decision but it is one you need to make(LOL).Purdy and Wooster make some fantastic brushes as well,right now my personal preference is Picasso,and it is aptly named(good marketing eh!).

In my next post I will show you the range of these brushes along with some Purdy and Wooster brushes and why investing in a set of quality brushes will SAVE you a fortune.Stay Tuned,I know you want to dive right into the nitty gritty but can you play name vanhalen on the guitar before you know what an A chord is,no,likewise to learn to paint so you actually get professional results you need to learn some basic fundamentals,as with any learning,repetition is the key,and using the right tools repeatedly will end up giving you great results,repeatedly using poor quality tools will repeatedly give you poor results,make sense doesn’t it.


Get professional decorating results the first time around


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Painting your home is something we have all done,but the results will unlikely be as good as a professional simply because you will not currently have the knowledge a professional painter has.The good news is that will change throughout the course of this blog.We will be posting real,useable professional tips to get the results you want without the expense.

We will go into every aspect of decorating your home and starting with the most essential tips,the tools used to get professional result.Those cheap brushes you picked up on a sale are not going to cut it.In our next post we will go into detail about why you need quality tools and why they will be the best painting investment you will have made if you take the time to look after them.